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Capturing Image Snapshots


Snapshot Capture is an optional H.264 feature which may be disabled at the factory. The following section is only applicable if snapshots are enabled.

From the Snapshots page, you can take a snapshot of the current video input and save it to either JPEG or YUV image format. With JPEG snapshots, you can also specify the image quality. On the Makito X SDI, you can select the video input, either BNC-1 or BNC-2.

The snapshot feature may be used to create still images, for example, to record a person's image or a scene from an event for identification purposes or for future reference.

When you take a snapshot, a unique snapshot name will be generated based on the current time.

Thumbnails of the snapshots are displayed on the Snapshots page for you to view and optionally save to an external location.

Note that the encoder must have a valid Input Format. To verify the Input Format detected by the system, see Configuring Video Encoders.


Snapshot files are stored on the Makito X file system under /usr/share/haivision/snapshots.


You can also take snapshot of each video input from the Video Encoders List View.

To take an image snapshot:

  1. On the Streaming page, click Media on the navigation bar and Snapshots on the sidebar. 
  2. The Snapshots page opens, displaying the snapshots taken for the encoder, as shown in the following example.
    Sample Snapshots Page
  3. To toggle the sort order of the list from newest to oldest, select the order from the Sort by drop-down list.
  4. Select the format for the new snapshot, either JPEG or YUV color space (color model).
    Snapshot Format Drop-down
  5. (JPEG only) To adjust the image quality, either type in a value between 1 and 100 in the Quality field.
  6. (Optional, Makito X SDI only) Select the video input, either BNC-1 or BNC-2.
    Video Input Drop-down

    To take the image snapshot, click the 
    icon. Once a snapshot has been taken, a new thumbnail is displayed.
  7. (JPEG only) To view a full-size image of a snapshot, click the thumbnail.
  8. To save the snapshot to an external location, right-click either the thumbnail or the full-size image (JPEG only), and select Save image as…
  9. To delete one or multiple snapshots, check the checkbox beside the snapshot (or click Check All) and click Delete.

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