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The talkback command is used to manage audio talkback settings. The audio talkback feature allows users to stream a mono channel of audio back to a Makito X encoder over a reliable LAN or WAN. See Audio Talkback.

The talkback is sent by a software player application (such as Haivision’s InStream or the Makito X decoder) to the Makito X, where it is played out of the encoder’s 8-pin Mini-DIN connector. To develop custom applications to send talkback audio to Haivision encoders, see Talkback Audio Format Specifications.

The talkback application receives the 16-bit audio (mono) at 22.05 kHz rate, packetizes it to 440 16-bit samples (the last 4 bytes are reserved), and transmits them to Makito X UDP port 9177.


The source UDP port of sender does not matter; however, the destination has to match what is configured on the encoder (9177 by default).

There is no audio mixer on the Makito X, so the encoder handles the talkback sessions on a first-come first-serve basis. To prevent a single user from monopolizing the talkback, the InStream software player provides “push-to-talk” functionality, which requires that the talkback user physically push and hold a button to transmit audio. When the button is released, the talkback application stops sending audio. The Makito X considers the session terminated if it does not receive a packet for a duration of one second (i.e., after at least one second of inactivity). The Makito X is then ready to accept the session (talkback packets) from another device.

The Talkback network service may be stopped or started from the Web interface (Services page) or using the service command.

Talkback is not configurable through SNMP in the current release.


It’s a good idea to save your configuration if you are running Talkback in order to avoid having to restart Talkback after a reboot.


talkback start
talkback stop
talkback set
talkback get
talkback clear




Starts reception of talkback audio.


Stops reception of talkback audio.


Configures talkback settings.


Displays talkback information (i.e., volume and UDP port). You can specify configuration, stats, or all talkback information.


Clears talkback statistics.





Controls the volume on the Encoder's audio output port.

Range: 0-10


# talkback start

Starts reception of audio talkback on the Makito X.

# talkback set volume=6

Sets the volume of the audio talkback to 6.

# talkback get all

Returns talkback configuration and statistics, such as:

Volume : 10
UDP Port : 9177
Source Address :
Received Packets : 1,087
Received Bytes : 960,908
Last Received : 2s ago

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