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Powering Up the Makito XH

There is no power switch on the encoder. The power is automatically on when the unit is plugged in.


When using the AC/DC power adapter, the power cord is the main disconnect device. Ensure that the socket-outlet is located/installed near the equipment and is easily accessible.

ATTENTION Quand on utilise l'adaptateur AC à DC, le cordon d'alimentation est utilisé comme interrupteur général. La prise de courant doit être située ou installée à proximité de l'équipement et être facile d'accès.


To prevent damage to the encoder and/or power supply, be sure to connect the power supply to the chassis first and then to the AC source.
Makito XH Encoder

Power and Ground Connections (Makito XH Encoder)

Makito XH Decoder

To power up the Makito XH:

  1. Insert the 3-pin connector of the power cord into the power input jack at the rear of the unit.
    Make sure the connector is properly inserted and locked to avoid intermittent power problems.
  2. Connect the power cord to the 12V power supply and plug the cord into an AC power source.
    The Status LED will start blinking green, indicating that the device is booting up.
  3. Wait until the Status LED stays solid green, indicating that the Makito XH is ready for operation.


While the Conxall power connector on the Makito XH is identical to those on the Makito X SDI appliances, the power supply (PSU) itself is different in order to support the increased temperature range. Refer to Power Supply Characteristics for details.

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