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The Makito X supports both KLV (Key Length Value) and CoT (Cursor-on-Target) metadata capture and stream insertion. This optional feature allows the encoder to capture metadata and then incorporate the information within the metadata elementary stream of the standard MPEG Transport Stream. The metadata may be captured either from the serial port interface or from a UDP source.

This Addendum provides instructions for controlling and managing CoT metadata insertion parameters through the Makito X Web Interface.

For information on the CoT UDP implementation as well as KLV metadata capture, please refer to the Makito X Encoder User's Guide or the online help available from the Web Interface.


The Makito X offers advanced capabilities for the translation of CoT (Cursor-on-Target) information (for UAV applications) into industry standard KLV format. The input format of serial or network metadata sources can be set to CoT from the Web Interface.

Cursor-on-Target is an XML-based protocol that enables Machine-to-Machine Targeting to:

  • provide special forces the ability to click on a laser rangefinder designating a hostile target,
  • pass precision coordinates,
  • send mensurated target coordinates to an airborne strike asset, and
  • download these directly into a GPS guided munition.

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