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Decoding and Viewing the Test Stream (Makito X Decoder)


On the dual channel decoder, two streams are received and can be displayed on either SDI video port. Analog audio can be selected from embedded channels on either stream. Both Analog Audio and Embedded Digital Audio are active.

To decode the test stream:

  1. Sign in to the Makito X Decoder Web Interface.
  2. To add an incoming stream, on the Streams List View, click the 

    Add button. 

  3. On the New Stream page, under Content, type a name for the stream in the Name field and select TS over UDP for the Protocol.

  4. In the Source section, select Unicast and enter the appropriate Port number (from the encoder, see Setting up a Test Stream).

To configure the SDI decoder output:

  1. Click SDI1 from the output interface bar.

    On the SDI1 and SDI2 Decoder pages, you can manage video decoding for the SDI1 and SDI2 ports. This includes binding the video output(s) to the stream(s) you have created and configuring properties such as the Output Resolution and Frame Rate.


    The Makito XH Decoder supports two independent video decoders that feed the two SDI interfaces. The HDMI port can be configured to mirror the same content that is seen on either SDI1 or SDI2. The decoder also can support the display of computer graphics content over the HDMI port.

  2. Under Input, select the Primary input stream from the drop-down list of the stream(s) you have created.
    The Name, Protocol, Type, incoming Resolution, Frame Rate, and Audio Sampling Rate for the selected stream now are displayed.
    Input Stream Settings
  3. If required, adjust the video settings. For details, see "SDI Decoder Settings" in the Makito X Decoder User’s Guide.

  4. To apply your changes, click Apply.

To configure the analog audio output: 

  1. Click AUDIO on the output interface navigation bar.
  2. On the Audio Audio Output page, select the Input Source for the analog audio, either SDI1 or SDI2.

    Audio Decoder Page

  3. Select the channel pairs for the output, either 1&23&45&6, or 7&8. For details, see Analog Audio Settings in the User’s Guide.


    Channel pairs 9&10, 11&12, 13&14, and 15&16 are also available when the decoder is a single channel variant.
  4. To apply your changes, click Apply.
    Analog audio output is started or stopped depending on the status of the SDI1 or SDI2 video decoder.

You should now be able to view the output of the Makito XH Decoder on the monitor or TV connected to SDI1.

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