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Audio/Video Interface Specifications

Video Inputs
Makito X DVI (#S/B-292E-DVI)

Component Analog video. Also supporting:

  • RGB with external SYNC (HSYNC & VSYNC)
  • RGB with SYNC on Green (RsGB)
Y,Cb,Cr / DVIComponent Digital video

Makito X SDI (#S/B-292E-HDSDI2 or #S/B-292E-HDSDI1)
Makito X HEVC (#S/B-292E-SDI2-HEVC or #S/B-292E-SDI1-HEVC)
Makito X Harsh Environment SDI (#S-292E-X2H or #S-292E-X1H)
Makito XR (Ruggedized) SDI (#S-292E-X2R or #S-292E-X4R)

SD-SDISMPTE-259M-C270 Mbps interface
HD-SDISMPTE-292M1,485 Gbps interface

SMPTE-274M1920 x 1080 video format

SMPTE-296M1280 x 720 video format
3G-SDI1SMPTE-424M (Level A only)3 Gbps interface

SMPTE-425M1080p60 video format
DVI-I100 Ohms
DVI-A75 Ohms
SDI75 Ohms

1. 3G-SDI is not supported on the Makito X4R (#S-292E-X4R).

Audio Inputs
Makito X DVI (#S/B-292E-DVI)
  • Two analog audio channels per blade.
  • The DVI interface supports two channels of embedded audio (channels 1 & 2).

Makito X SDI (#S/B-292E-HDSDI2 or #S/B-292E-HDSDI1)
Makito X HEVC (#S/B-292E-SDI2-HEVC or #S/B-292E-SDI1-HEVC)
Makito X Harsh Environment SDI (#S-292E-X2H or #S-292E-X1H)1

  • Two analog audio channels per blade.
  • Up to 16 channels of embedded audio per blade, in channel pair groups. The channel pair sources are:
    sdi1ch1&2, sdi1ch3&4, sdi1ch5&6 … sdi1ch15&16
    sdi2ch1&2, sdi2ch3&4, sdi2ch5&6 … sdi2ch15&16


    SDI2 audio inputs are only available on dual-BNC systems (#S/B-292E-HDSDI2).

Available through mini-DIN-8 locking connector:

  • Balanced stereo analog audio
  • Unbalanced stereo analog audio (Line Level)
  • Audio Talkback

Digital Embedded Audio

  • SD-SDI: SMPTE-272M
  • HD/3G-SDI: SMPTE 299M

Stereo Analog Audio Inputs

  • Level: Adjustable from 6 to 20dBu
  • Impedance: 24 KOhms Single Ended (Unbalanced) / 48 KOhms Differential (Balanced)

Analog Audio Output (Talkback)

  • Level: 2.2 dBu (1Vrms)
  • Impedance: 100 Ohms

1. Support for analog and embedded audio capture or encoding is not currently provided for the Makito X Ruggedized (#S-292E-X2R or #S-292E-X4R)

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