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Video and Embedded Digital Audio Output Interfaces

The Makito X decoder video interface consists of two BNC connectors (SDI 1 and SDI 2) and one HDMI connector (faceplate shown below).

  • The BNC connectors are used for the SD/HD/3G-SDI video signals. A 75 coaxial cable connects from Video Out to a video monitor. HD-BNC to BNC Adapter Cable(s) are included in the package.
  • The HDMI connector is used for High Definition audio/video output signals. An HDMI Type-A cable connects from HDMI Out to a video monitor. Note that HDCP content protection is not applied to the HDMI output.

SDI and HDMI Video Interfaces

The audio is also embedded in the SDI and HDMI video. The SDI video supports up to 16 audio channels (8 pairs) and the HDMI supports 8 channels (4 pairs).

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