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The still command is used to manage available still image files on the Makito X file system.

Static image files must already have been generated (see following NOTE) and be located the folder /usr/share/haivision/still_images on the Makito X file system.


You can generate the image file using the mkstill command. Or you can upload a custom still image from the Web interface (see Configuring Still Image Streaming).

Static images may be used to replace the “real” video stream when streaming is paused. You can then configure a Makito X stream with a static image using the viddec set command with the parameters [stillimage=custom] and [stillFile=].


still list
still delete <filename>
still delete all




Lists the available still image files in /usr/share/haivision/still_images


Deletes the specified still image file or all still image files.


# still delete myimage.png

Deletes the image file myimage.png

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