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Resetting the Decoder

This section describes the steps to perform a hardware reset on the Makito X. The Reset button is used either to reset the system or to restore the factory default settings.

  • System Reset: In some cases, if your decoder is experiencing a problem, resetting the system can return the decoder to normal operation. 
  • Factory Reset: If the problem remains after performing a reset, it may help to restore the decoder to its factory default settings. A factory reset returns the decoder to the same settings it originally had when shipped from Haivision, including the factory default IP address, subnet, and gateway.


After a Factory reset, only the firmware revision, serial number, and MAC address are preserved. All other data is deleted (including saved presets, added user accounts, modified passwords, and decoding settings). All settings are returned to their factory preset conditions (including the IP address).

Use one of the following methods to either reset or restore the Makito X settings: 

  1. With the decoder on, insert a small plastic tool into the small opening labeled Reset on the Makito X faceplate.

  2. System Reset: Press the recessed micro switch (you will feel the button depress) for at least one second and release. Be sure to release the button in less than five (5) seconds.
    Factory Reset: Press and hold the recessed micro switch for five (5) seconds. 
  3. Wait for the decoder to reboot. 

As soon as the lights stop blinking and the Status LED is solid green, the decoder is ready.


When performing a Factory Reset, do not remove or disconnect the power supply until the reset is complete. 

Default Network Settings

After a factory reset, the Network settings are reset to:

IP AddressSubnet MaskGateway

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