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The personality command allows a Makito X Decoder 2.4 which is licensed as dual channel (S/B-292D-HD2-*) to change configuration to support single channel (S/B-292D-HD1-*) decoding only. This allows dual channel Makito X devices to access single channel features such as the ability to decode eight (8) audio pairs (16 audio embedded channels) and the ability to mirror the decoded stream on all output interfaces (SDI2 mirrors the SDI port).  Makito X Decoders which are licensed as dual channel can switch their personality back and forth between single and dual channel configurations as desired. The change takes effect once the unit is rebooted.


This command may only be used by an administrator.

Makito X decoder personalities do not change due to a factory reset. Factory reset restores the unit's personality to the default value (determined by licensing).

This feature is only available on units that have a dual-decoding license. Without a dual-decoding license, you will get:
1 2 admin@MXD-142-91:~$ personality set dual Single channel license. Personality setting is disabled.


personality set <TYPE>
personality get


setSets the decoder personality that will take effect on the next reboot.
getDisplays the current decoder personality.





Sets the personality that will take effect on the next reboot, either SINGLE or DUAL.


# personality get
Current Personality : DUAL
# personality set single
Sets the personality to SINGLE.

Personality updated successfully.
A REBOOT is required for the new personality to take effect.
# reboot

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