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Open Source Software Credits List

Haivision is grateful to the following organizations for making available their Open Source software packages:

Linux kernel2.6.37Linux KernelGPL v2, June 1991
Linux-PAM1.1.3Linux Pluggable Authentication Modulepermissive free software license or GPL V2
bash4.3.30Bourne Again Shell - Posix.2 ShellGPL v3, June 2007
beecrypt4.2.1Cryptography LibraryLGPL v2.1
busybox1.17.3Common UNIX utilities.GPL v2, June 1991.
chkconfig1.3.30cService run level configurationGPL v2, June 1991
chrony3.2.1Alternate Network Time Protocol (NTP) alternativeGPL v2, June 1991
coreutils8.9Basic shell, file and text manipulationGPL v3, June 2007
cracklib2.8.18Password checking libraryLGPL v2.1 - June 1999
cron3.0p11Time base job schedulerpermissive free software license
db5.1.19Berkeley Relational Database LibraryOracle 2010 (redistribute as-is) + Berkeley type license
dpkg1.16.0Debian Package Manager SystemGPL v2 - June 1991
ethtool2.6.38Network interface controller configurationGPL v2 - June 1991
ffmpeg3.0.0Multimedia frameworkLGPL v2.1
gawk3.1.8GNU AWK - Pattern scanning and processing.GPL v3 - June 2007
ifupdown0.6.10Network Interface ConfigurationGPL v2 - June 1991
initscripts9.22Run level scripts and assoc processingGPL v2 - June 1991
iperf2.0.5Internet Bandwidth Measurement ToolUniversity of Illinois - permissive free software license
iproute22.6.38Linux TCP/IP traffic controlGPL v2 - June 1991
ipv4ll1.5Simple IPv4 Link-Local addressingLGPL v2.1
jpeg8bJPEG Software ToolsLane & Vollbeding - permissive free software license
libevent2.0.17Event notification library3-clause (“modified”) BSD License
lighttpd1.4.41Lightweight open-source Web serverJan Kneschke, 2004 - permissive free software license
mDNS responder320.10.80Multicast Domain Name SystemApache License 2.0
mtd-utils2.0Memory Technology Device (MTD) utilities for nor, nand access and UBI & JFFS2 tools.GPL v2 - June 1991
mtr0.92MyTraceroute: ping and traceroute combination in a single utilityBSD styled
ncurses5.5Text-base UI libraryPermissive free software license
net-tools1.60Network tools.GPL v2 - June 1991
netkit-ftp0.17File Transfer ProtocolRegents of the University of California
netkit-telnet0.17TelnetRegents of the University of California
net-snmp5.5.2Simple Network Management ProtocolMultiple BSD Licenses
nsyslog1.84syslog for NetBSDBSD License
ntp4.2.8p10Network Time ProtocolUniversity of Delaware - Permissive free software license
openssh7.3p1Open SSHMultiple BSD style licenses.
openssl1.0.2nOpen Secure Socket LayerDual OpenSSL / SSLeahy
openssl-fipsalgvs2.0FIPS AlgorithmsMultiple Licenses.
pcre8.21Perl Compatible Regular Expression LibraryBSD License
popt1.16Command Line Parsing LibraryPermissive free software license
postgresql7.4.1Postgresql database (support library)Permissive free software license - (PostgreSQL Development Group and Regents of the University of California)
procps3.2.8Process reporting utilities.GPL v2 - June 1991
readline6.1Command Line Editing LibraryGPL v3 - June 2007
rng-tools4Random Number Generator toolsGPL v2, June 1991
rpm4.4.2.3RPM Package ManagerDual GPL v2 - June 1991 and
LGPL v2 - June 1991
sed4.2Stream EditorGPL v3 - June 2007
shadow4.1.4.2Shadow PasswordsPermissive free software license.


1.9.5p2Privilege modificationPermissive software license,  Copyright (c) 1994-1996, 1998-2021, T. Miller et al.
sysstat10.0.0Performance monitoring tools for LinuxGPL v2 - June 1991
sysvinit2.88dsfInit processGPL v2 - June 1991
tcp_wrappers7.6Host base networking Access Control SystemPermissive free software license.
tcpdump4.3.0Network monitoring and acquisitionBSD
tftp-hpa0.43tftp serverPermissive free software license.
u-boot2010.06U-Boot boot loaderGPL v2 - June 1991
UDT44.11UDP-based Data TransferPermissive free software license
zlib1.2.5Compression libraryJean-Loup Gailly - Permissive free software license.

Please refer to the URLs listed above for details of each Open Source licensing agreement. Code for GPL-related components is available upon request.

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