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HD-BNC Connector Assembly

Although the HD-BNC to BNC adapter cables are provided with Makito X blades, for long cable runs, we recommend that you mount the HD-BNC connector directly on the cable (instead of using a converter) to enhance signal levels.

The vendor and ordering part-number for an HD-BNC extractor/mating tool is as follows: Amphenol p/n 227-T2000

The HD-BNC plug can be mounted on many 75 Ohm coaxial cables. Following are the most popular coaxial cables from Belden followed by the HD-BNC connector part number recommended by Amphenol.

DescriptionPart Number
Plug for Belden Cable 1855AAmphenol 34-1026
Plug for Belden Cable 1505AAmphenol 34-1025
Plug for Belden Cable 1695AAmphenol 34-1027
Plug for Belden Cable 1694AAmphenol 34-1017-300

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