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Hardening is a term used to describe the process of securing a networked device's various interfaces. This includes removing or limiting certain features to prevent their abuse, and securing the data hosted by the device.

The Makito X includes features that allow the administrative interface to be secured. These features are described in detail in the Makito X Hardening Guide (available from the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal: Resources>Download Center>Support Documentation>Makito X).

The Makito X Hardening Guide provides the procedures to install and configure Makito X encoders and decoders to be hardened. This guide is written for administrators and assumes that the reader is familiar with networks and network terminology. No encoder-specific knowledge is required. This guide also assumes that the reader is a trusted individual.


Any Makito X decoder at Version 1.2 or higher can be hardened by following the procedures described in this guide.
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