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Stream Settings

The following sections list the decoder stream controls and settings:

Stream SettingDefaultDescription/Values
NameN/ASpecify a name for the stream. 1 to 32 characters
ProtocolTS over UDP

Select the Encapsulation Protocol type for the decoded stream.

  • TS over UDP: MPEG transport stream over UDP (no RTP header)
  • TS over RTP: MPEG2 transport stream over RTP
  • TS over SRT: Haivision’s Secure Reliable Transport (see Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)
  • RTSP: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RFC2326) with control over RTSP.


    RTSP stream ingest is supported to provide interoperability with Makito Classic Encoders and Axis Cameras/Encoders.


N/AClick to view statistics for the stream. See Stream Statistics.

Select the Stream Type for the decoded stream.

  • Unicast
  • Multicast
Multicast AddressN/A(Multicast streams only) Enter the multicast IP address in dotted-decimal format.
Source AddressN/A

(Multicast streams only) The Source Address specifies where the multicast stream is coming from (i.e., what address is broadcasting).

In cases where many devices are sending multicast streams on the same multicast address, specifying the source encoder address can reduce the amount of multicast traffic being forwarded on your network. Only the multicast traffic from that specific source to that address will be forwarded (instead of all of them).

AddressN/A(TS over RTP, Unicast streams only) Enter the source IP address in dotted-decimal format.
PortN/AEnter the source UDP port for the stream. Enter a number in the range 1025..65,535. Note that RTP streams use even numbers only within this range.

(Optional) Enable Forward Error Correction (FEC). Select either:

  • (None)
  • VF (TS over UDP only)
  • Pro-MPEG FEC (TS over RTP only)


VF FEC is a proprietary FEC and is not interoperable with devices outside of the Haivision family.

On the Encoder, you set all these parameters, whereas on the decoder they are detected from the stream, and are available in the stream stats.


(RTSP streams only) Enter the RTSP address in the form:
addr=rtsp:// var2=value2...

For example: rtsp://

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