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Setting Up the Decoder

Always read the instructions carefully and keep this user's guide for future reference.

Please choose a suitable location for operating the decoder(s). By doing so you will preserve long lifesaving and stability of the unit(s).

Set up the decoder on a flat and reliable surface when using the single Makito X chassis, or mount in a rack, when using the 1U (MB6X) or 4U (MB21) chassis.


The MB21 chassis must either be installed on a securely fastened rack shelf, or fastened directly to the rack using support brackets. For instructions on how to properly secure or support the MB21, refer to the MB21 Chassis Installation Guide.

Safety First

Please pay particular attention to the following points in order to help protect yourself and the decoder:

  • The Makito X is an indoor appliance and should be kept in a dry, dust free environment.
  • The only user-serviceable part is the RTC battery. There are no other user-serviceable parts inside the unit. Making unauthorized changes will void the warranty.
  • Only connect the unit to a compatible power source.
  • If an electrical fault occurs, disconnect the unit and contact Haivision Technical Support.
  • Never try to force the connections when setting up the system as this may damage the unit.
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