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Setting Up Decoder Streams

The first step is to create one or more streams to map the decoder inputs to output interfaces.

  1. On the Streams List View, click
    Plus Icon
    Add to add the first stream.
  2. On the New Stream page, under Content, type a name for the stream in the Name field.

  3. Select the stream Protocol, for example, TS over UDP.
  4. Under Source, select the stream Type, either Unicast or Multicast.
  5. For Multicast streams, type in the Multicast Address, for example,
  6. Type in the Port number, for example, 5000.
  7. Click Apply to create the stream.
  8. To add another stream, click Streams on the output interface navigation bar to return to the Streams List View, and click

    Plus Icon
    Add again. Follow the previous steps (Step #3 - #8) to configure the second stream.
    The Streams List View now shows the streams you have created.


    To display SAP-advertised streams, select “Discovered (SAP)” or “All” from the Display dropdown list (SAP listening must be enabled).

    Streams Display Drop-down

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