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LED Status Indicators

The LED colors and flashing (blinking) speed indicate the status (operational state) of the Makito X decoder.



No power

OffNo power

Green fast blinking

Reset button is pressed for less than four seconds. If the Reset button is not pressed, there is a power fault.

Green slow blinking


Green solid

Booting/Initialization sequence is complete (No fault/OK).

Red fast blinking

Reset button is pressed for more than four seconds (Factory Reset enabled).

Red slow blinking

Reset button is released after the Red fast blinking state (executing Factory Reset).

RX1/RX2Amber/GreenOffNo active stream is being decoded
Amber Solid

At least one of the conditions below is sufficient to turn on the LED Amber:

  • Decoder booting
  • No video stream is being decoded
  • No audio stream is being decoded
Green Solid

When all the conditions below are met:

  • A video stream is being decoded
  • An audio stream is being decoded
Network Port
LINKGreenOffNot connected
Green Blinking once per secondConnected at 10 Mbps
Green Blinking twice per secondConnected at 100 Mbps
Green Blinking three times per secondConnected at 1000 Mbps
ACTGreenOffNo Acitvity
Green IntermittentLittle activity (e.g., management). The LED should be lit when there is activity.
Green SolidIntense Activity (e.g., transmitting video traffic)

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