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Configuring Decoder Outputs

From the SDI 1 and SDI 2 Decoder pages, you can manage video decoding for the SDI 1 and SDI 2 ports. This includes binding the video output(s) to the stream(s) you have created and configuring properties such as the Output Resolution and Frame Rate.

Each decoder channel can support an alternate (secondary) stream as input which is switched to if the primary fails in order to minimize down-time. You can also select a Still Image such as a black screen that the decoder will display if it is no longer receiving video (for example, if the encoder stream has stopped or the network connection is lost).

The SDI Decoder pages also display a status summary of embedded digital audio and metadata inputs.


The Makito X decoder supports two independent video decoders that feed the two SDI interfaces. The HDMI port can be configured to mirror the same content that is seen on either Decoder 1 or Decoder 2. If the stream contains computer graphics content, that content can only be displayed on the HDMI interface.


For information on configuring multi-channel synchronization on the Makito X or Makito X4 encoder and decoder, see Multi-channel Synchronization.

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