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Typical examples of Makito X decoder applications include:

  • General low-latency decoding over an enterprise class network - The Makito X decoder is used as a point-to-point device paired with a Makito X encoder. Video is captured live at a the encoder and transmitted over an enterprise class network to the decoder. Low latency and image quality are primary drivers for this application. Use cases include broadcast backhaul, FED range video transport, Medical intra-room video transport, and intra-stadium video transport (using multicast stream tuning).
  • Over a fixed link between remote sites - When two different locations are connected with a dedicated link, the Makito X encoders and decoders can be used to transport audio, video and metadata content between the different sites.
  • Over the public Internet streaming using SRT - The Makito X decoder is used as an Internet streaming solution to transport content over the public Internet using the SRT streaming technology. Configuration is point-to-point between two locations geographically distant and passing through a firewall. Firewall ports must be manually opened to allow traffic through.

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