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Version History

Makito X Decoder 2.3

Makito X Version 2.3 introduced the following new features and enhancements to existing capabilities:

IPv6 Support

The Makito X now supports deployment on IPv6 or mixed IPv6/IPv4 networks in addition to the existing IPv4 network support. This includes IPv6 network and device administration and streaming support.

SRT Streaming Stats in SNMP

SRT streams can be monitored in real-time using an SNMP network management system (NMS). The SNMP MIB now includes SRT statistics which are useful for monitoring the health of an SRT link.

Device Discovery Aids

Enhancements have been added to allow easier determination of the IP address or location of a Makito X device. These include the display of the device IP address on the serial port login prompt (SDI encoder blades/appliances only), as well as enhancements to encourage the use of mDNS for easier device discovery on a network.

Device Location (Blinking LEDs)

The Makito X face-plate LEDs can be optionally set to blink which allows easy location of the device in large server room deployments. For example, the blinking LEDs can be used to help identify a specific blade in a rack.

Security Enhancements

The operator and user accounts are now locked at factory to minimize the chances of unauthorized access. 

AC-3 Decoding

The Makito X Decoder can now decode and output audio which is encoded using the AC-3 algorithm (as per ATSC A/52). >MPEG-2 TS streams received containing AC-3 audio will be down-mixed to a stereo pair for output on the HDMI and SDI interface.

SRT Encrypted Listener Streams

When encryption is enabled, SRT Listener streams can now be configured to reject unencrypted SRT Caller streams.

Stream Starting in CLI

You can now start/stop the decoder by way of the stream ID (similar to the Makito X Encoder). Previously the Makito X Decoder CLI only started decoders, not streams. 

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