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Connect to the Network


Laser Radiation - SFP Port: Invisible laser radiation may be emitted from disconnected fibers or connectors. Do not stare into beams or view directly with optical instruments. Refer to the Laser Safety With SFP+ Optical Modules notice.

To connect the Network Interface:

  1. Connect the Makito X4’s network port to the IP network using an Ethernet UTP cable (type Cat 5 or higher). 

  2. (Optional) Connect an MSA compliant 10Gbps SFP+ Network Interface Card (Optical or Electrical) in the SFP+ port. This enables the encoder to ingest and encode SMPTE ST 2110 compliant content containing active video, audio and ancillary metadata. 


    SMPTE ST 2110 input is a licensed feature, and the encoder Personality must be set to ST 2110. For more information, see Configuring ST 2110 Inputs (in the User's Guide).
    SFP transceivers must be MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant. 

  3. You can now telnet to the unit or connect via the Web interface.


    As of v1.5, the Makito X4 Encoder supports 1G and 10G Ethernet SFPs in SDI personality. 

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