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UAS KLV Metadata Tag Filtering

You can filter MISB 0601 metadata tags on a per tag basis, by specifying all or any subset of the MISB 0601 tags. If a tag is included, it is allowed to proceed to the metadata elementary stream (ES). Tags that are not included are filtered out of the metadata AU and not transmitted in the metadata ES. Non-MISB 0601 metadata (such as MISB 0605 or custom metadata adhering to SMPTE 336) is not affected by the MISB 0601 filtering.

When filtering MISB 0601 metadata tag 48 (security metadata), you can also filter the security metadata tags defined in MISB 0102. See uastags and sectags in the metadata parameters table.


To enable UAS tag filtering and list the items that will be included in the stream:

# metadata 1 set uastags=2,3,13,14,48 sectags=1,2,3 
Metadata source configured successfully.
# metadata 1 get 
Metadata ID : 1
Name : "HD-SDI-BNC-1"
Type : HD-SDI
Input : BNC-1
Format : KLV
Status : STARTED
Decimation : (None)
Reclassification : Off
Classification : UNCLASSIFIED
Classifying Country : (None)
Object Country : (None)
UAS Tag Filtering       : On 
Included Items:
Tag 2 (UNIX Time Stamp)
Tag 3 (Mission ID)
Tag 13 (Sensor Latitude)
Tag 14 (Sensor Longitude)
Tag 48 (Security Local Metadata Set)
Security Filtering : On
Included Items:
Tag 1 (Security Classification)
Tag 2 (Classifying Country and Releasing Instructions Country Coding Method)
Tag 3 (Classifying Country)

In order to show how the sectags option works, the main uastags filter includes the security local metadata set (tag #48) but only specifies the security classification, the country coding method and classifying country information. Note that you can set the MISB ST 0902 recommended minimum metadata set by specifying “minimum” for the uastags parameter.

To disable KLV tag filtering and receive the full KLV metadata:

# metadata 1 set uastags=all sectags=all
Metadata source configured successfully.

You can filter out the entire UAS or security data set by using "none" for uastags or sectags instead.

When security re-classification is enabled on a metadata source, the security tag filtering settings (if configured) will not be used.

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