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Configuring Network Metadata Sources

You can configure the Makito X1 to capture metadata from a user definable network port (up to eight UDP inputs). The encoder can receive either (a) KLV payload encapsulated in UDP or (b) CoT inside UDP that is converted to KLV and then streamed (see CoT/UDP with SPI Message Filtering Based on UID).

You must specify the UDP port on which the Makito X1 will listen for incoming metadata. However, the IP Address is only required for reception of multicast metadata, or if you only want to accept messages coming from a specific sender.

To add a network metadata source:

  1. From the Metadata List View, click the 
    Plus Icon
    Add button.
  2. On the New Metadata Source dialog, select Network for the Metadata Type and click Continue.
    New Metadata Source (selecting Network)
  3. On the Create New Metadata Source page, type in the Name for the source.
    Create New Metadata Source Page

    Input and Serial Settings

  4. If CoT has been installed, select CoT for the Data Format (under Input Settings).
    Input Settings Data Format Dropdown
  5. Select or enter the remaining value(s). For details on the Metadata fields, see Metadata Settings.

    CoT Relaying

  6. (Optional) To set up CoT re-transmission, see Configuring CoT Retransmission.

    Mission ID/Security Data Set Insertion

  7. (Optional) To configure a mission ID or security data to replace or insert, see Configuring KLV Metadata Insertion.

  8. To apply your changes and start the Metadata stream, click Apply.

  9. To start or stop the stream, click Start or Stop (as applicable).
  10. To view Metadata statistics, click Statistics. For details, see Metadata Statistics.
  11. To return to the List View, click Metadata on the sidebar.

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