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Ad Insertion Statistics

Ad Insertion StatisticDescription/Values

The state of the SCTE-104 message processing. Values are: 

RX Bytes

The number of SCTE-104 message bytes received. 

  • Should increment when a SCTE-104 message is received. 
RX OK Messages

The number of correctly formatted and parsed SCTE-104 messages processed.

  • Should increment if when a valid SCTE-104 message is received 
RX Corrupt MessagesThe number of corrupted SCTE-104 messages received/rejected. 
Last RX Message TimThe time elapsed (in seconds and milliseconds) since the last received SCTE-104 message. 
Last SCTE104 Error CodeA description of the last error encountered.
Last SCTE104 Error TimeThe time elapsed (in seconds and milliseconds) since the last encountered error.  
Last SCTE104 Error OpIDThe last SCTE-104 Operation ID (command type) which generated an error. 
Last Leap SecondsThe last value of 'leap seconds' received. 


You can also view Ad Insertion statistics from the Command Line Interface (CLI). See adinsertion.

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