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Trimming Clips

You can edit the start and end times of clips in a project and adjust the audio volume.

To trim clips and adjust the volume:

  1. Go to the
    Menu and tap

  2. Tap a project on the Edit screen.

  3. Tap a clip thumbnail to open the Clip Editor:

    • Tap the or icons to skip to the beginning or end of the trimmed clip.
    • To trim the clip, drag the purple handles to the desired start and end points. You can also drag the scrub handle to any point in the clip and use the or icons to trim the unselected portion of video.
      For even greater precision, you can tap the timestamps above the volume slider and enter the new start and end times in the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.
    • To adjust the volume, drag the volume slider to the desired level.
  4. Tap Clips to return to the previous screen and save your changes.

From here, you can:

  • Reorder clips if two or more have been added to the project. See Reordering Clips for more information.
  • Save or forward the project. See Exporting a Project for more information.
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