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Video Return

The video return feature allows a MoJoPro unit operating on site to receive live feeds, such as a program currently on air or teleprompting from the media control room. A video return can be enabled on a connected StreamHub or Manager.


For help setting a video return on StreamHub or Manager, please refer to the StreamHub User Guide or Manager User Guide, respectively.

When a video return has been added, a new icon appears on the

Live or
Record screen.

Tap the

to view the video return.

The video return opens in an inset window:

Live In Progress with Video Return Window

From here, you can:

  • Tap the
     icon to view the video return in full screen.
  • When in full screen, tap the
    icon to return to picture-in-picture mode.
  • Drag the inset window to move it.
  • Tap the X icon to close the video return window.


A red

icon with a line through it indicates a video return has been set but does not have enough bandwidth to display properly.

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