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Selecting a Mission

When connected to a Manager configured to support a Story-Centric Workflow, MoJoPro can be assigned missions. Missions consist of .XML or .JSON files containing data pushed from NRCS (News Room Computer System) or PAM (Program Asset Management) systems. When a MoJoPro user selects a mission, live streams and forwarded files are transmitted to the connected receiver with mission metadata. For information on creating missions and managing Story-Centric Workflows, please refer to the Manager User Guide.

When connected to a Manager configured for a Story-Centric Workflow, MoJoPro automatically opens to the

Missions screen. If no missions are assigned, a default mission is available, as shown in the example below.

Missions Screen with 1 Available Mission

To select a mission:

  1. Go to the
    Missions screen.

  2. Tap the mission you wish to select.

  3. Tap Select. You are taken to the
    Live screen and can now stream and forward files with the mission data. For information on the Live screen, see Live Streaming.

To view mission details:

  1. Go to the
    Missions screen.

  2. Tap the mission you wish to view.

  3. Tap Details.
    Mission Details Screen

    From here, you can:
    • View the mission description.
    • Add a comment.

  4. Tap Select to select the current mission, or tap Close to save your changes without selecting the mission.

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