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Stream Statistics

Overview Statistics

The following table lists the Kraken stream statistics available for all streams in the statistics overview: 

Overview StatisticsDescription/Values
UptimeElapsed running time of the stream.
Displayed in Hours:Minutes:Seconds. 
Overall RateThe accumulated rate of all connected Kraken Outputs.
Measured in bits per second (bps).
Input RateThe bitrate of the stream's input.
Measured in bits per second (bps).
ResolutionThe resolution of the transcoded output.
Displayed as horizontal x vertical pixel dimensions.
FPSThe framerate of the transcoded output.
Measured in frames per second (FPS).

Detailed Statistics

Kraken also offers a number of detailed stream statistics for users to gain a more comprehensive insight of the stream's performance. These statistics are divided by Input, Output, Decoder, and Encoder for better readability, as shown in the example below: 

For more information on accessing Kraken statistics, see Viewing Kraken Statistics.

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