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Learning the Virtual Machine's IP Address

When pass-through of the GPU device is enabled to the virtual machine, the VMWare Console will not operate. Similar to what happens on the host, your visibility into the Kraken Device's console will be limited once you enable pass-through. Therefore, it is recommended that you boot the Kraken device now and discover or configure its IP address.


The virtual machine will power on after it is imported. You will see the Kraken "Loading Please Wait" screen in the VMWare console.

  1. After the Kraken VM loads, the device's IP address is displayed on the console. Write it down.
  2. If static IP addressing on the virtual machine is preferred, use the console to modify it (refer to the Kraken User's Guide for details).

    VMware Console IP Address

  3. When changing to a static IP address, confirm that the settings are valid before moving on to the next step.
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