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Saving and Loading Presets

Each Kraken is configured by users' selecting and setting values of applicable system settings, such as transcoder and stream settings and the stream destination. Although these configuration settings are not automatically saved, presets provide a way for you to save groups of settings and recall these configurations settings to apply to other streams.

Configuration settings saved as the "startup" preset will continue to be used after a reboot, or when the unit is turned off and on. You can also direct the system to apply a preset to restore settings when the system startup process performs the configuration autoload. 

From the Presets page, you can view the list of saved presets, load a saved preset, and save the current settings as a preset. You can also view the contents of a preset file, delete a preset, and select the preset to load at startup.


A warning indication 

 appears in the title bar on systems where changes to Streams, Inputs, Transcoders, Outputs, or Metadata have been applied but not saved to a preset. The indication is displayed when a user signs out or in to Kraken. The warning indication disappears when you reload or save the present.


The stream state (started/stopped) is not saved in presets, and therefore, manually starting or stopping the stream does not trigger the warning indication. When Kraken reboots or loads or saves a preset, the stream uses the Auto-Start value and not the actual stream state (i.e., if it was started or stopped manually with the Start or Stop button).

To view and manage presets:

  1. On the Administration page, click Presets on the sidebar. 
  2. The Presets List View opens displaying the list of saved presets for the transcoder, as shown in the following example.

    The Presets List View opens displaying the list of saved presets for the transcoder, as shown in the following example.
  3. To load an existing preset into the current session, hover over the preset name or anywhere in the row and click
  4. To select an existing preset to load at startup, hover over the preset row and click the (grayed out) check mark under Startup.
  5. To save the current settings as a new preset, click
    Add button.
    1. In the New Preset dialog, type a new filename in the Name text box.
    2. To select this preset to load at startup, check the Startup checkbox.
    3. Click Create.
  6. To save the current settings as an existing preset, hover over the preset row and click Save. You can (optionally) check the Startup check mark.
  7. To save the preset as a text file to view or export to other Kraken encoders, click the preset name and save it in the Save As dialog. Note that the file is in Unix format.
  8. To import a preset, for example, from another Kraken encoder, click Import and select the file in the Open File dialog box.
  9. When you see the filename in the text box, click Upload.


    To select a different preset file, click Change. To remove the selection, click the


    To delete one or more presets, check the checkbox next to one or more preset names (or check All) and click

    Delete on the Content toolbar.

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