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Recommended Start Settings for Advanced Shaping Settings

Following are the recommended start settings when using the Advanced Shaping settings:

Shaping Video Max Bitrate100%
Shaping Target Bitrate70%
VBV Size1000ms
Network Shaping Buffer1000ms

The goal should be to try and maximize the channel utilization (and thus the quality) while minimizing the shaping buffer overruns and minimizing the latency. Starting with the above values, you may try the following:

  • Increase the bitrate percentages to improve quality.
  • Increase the VBV and network shaping size to decrease bitstream drop based on shaping buffer overrun.

We do not recommend dropping the VBV and/or network shaping buffer much below 1000ms.

Silent Audio Insertion

Kraken provides a valid silent (blank) audio track, which may be inserted within streams that did not originally contain any audio, in order to achieve interoperability with receiving devices that need a valid audio track for clock recovery. Kraken will automatically:

  • Insert a silent audio stream into the Kraken output when the input source has no audio.
  • Utilize an audio stream from the source, should one become available after the transcoder session has started.
  • Start silence injection should the audio stream become unavailable in the source after the transcoder session has started.
  • Adapt to streams where the source audio stream becomes intermittently available and unavailable unexpectedly within the source (assuming the availability/non-availability of audio in the source stream does not change more rapidly than 30 second intervals).


There may be some transition artifacts. If you disable audio in the Transcoder session configuration, no silence injection will be performed.

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