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Monitoring Stream Health (Events)

Kraken offers stream event reporting with the option to download the stream event log. This feature is designed to aid in diagnostics and debugging sessions, in particular, providing feedback related to problematic streams that have been restarted by Kraken error handling or the watchdog process. 

The Events page displays a list of events in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). The list shows the stream name and UUID, followed by the date and a description of the event. Hovering your mouse over a message displays the full message, which is useful for longer messages. 

You can download the log and open it in a text editor. 

The event log rolls over every two days; i.e., events are removed from the list after two days.

To view event information:

  1. On the Administration page, click Events on the sidebar. 
    The Events page opens, as shown in the following example. 


  2. To refresh the list, click Refresh.

  3. To download the list, click Download and save the log file. You can then open the log in a text editor. 

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