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Access the Web Interface

To access the device's Web interface:

  1. On another computer connected to the same network, open a Web browser.
  2. Enter the device's assigned IP address. For example, if the IP Address is, enter a URL of
  3. When a browser accesses the website, it requests a security certificate to confirm that the site is trusted.
    The device ships with a self-signed SSL certificate key set which works with any configured server hostname. However, Web browsers do not consider self-signed certificates to be trusted, because they are not signed by a Certificate Authority. Consequently, when accessing the website with a self-signed certificate, users see a security warning and are prompted for authorization as shown below. Responses may vary depending upon the browser used.


    Before proceeding or adding an exception for the site, check with your administrator on the correct response.

  4. Sign in using one of the credentials provided on the Important Notice included with your device.


For security purposes, be sure to change the default passwords! See Changing Your Password in the User's Guide.

The Web interface opens to the Streams List View.

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