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Working with Routes

To create a route, you need at least a source and an output (encodes for processing are optional). You then define the route by connecting the various nodes as appropriate to your needs.

The following image shows an example of tiles on a route map (Blue indicates the currently selected tile):

Source The only node endpoint
is outgoing (on the right of the tile).
Encoder – Due to its processing role, the encoder tile has node endpoints
for both incoming and outgoing (on right and left sides of the tile).
Output (Selected) – The only node endpoint
is incoming (on the left side of the tile).
Save and Cancel buttons
Zoom and Zoom-to-Fit buttons – Use the
buttons to zoom in or out of the route map. Or use the
button to fit the entire route in the window.

Common tasks you may perform on the route map are explained in the following sections.

Removing a Tile

To remove a tile from the map:

  1. Click the tile you want to delete from the map.
  2. Click the
    Eject icon in the center of the selected tile.

Repositioning a Tile

To reposition a tile:

  1. Click the tile you want to reposition on the map to select it.
  2. Click and drag the tile to adjust its location.

Adding Nodes

To add a node:

  1. Click the Nodes tab on the sidebar.
  2. Click the
    icon to search for a node. You can also use the Sort by drop-down to sort nodes by name or type.
  3. Click and drag the desired node onto the route map.

Connecting Nodes

To connect two tiles:

  1. Click and drag a tile's node endpoint

    to where you want to make the connection.


    As you drag closer to the desired endpoint, the target endpoint is highlighted to show it is within range for connection.

  2. Release the endpoint you are dragging on the target Endpoint to connect them.

Removing Node Connections

To remove a route connection:

  1. Hover over an endpoint on the connection you want to remove.
  2. When the endpoint transforms to an X, click the X to remove the connection.

Enabling a Tile

  • To enable a tile's node, click the

    icon in the center of the unselected tile.

The power icon changes to

and the node descriptors turn from grey to white.


A route can be created even if the source is not Live.

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