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Sources Pane

The Sources pane of the Master Control screen displays the connected encoders, receivers, and transmitters as individual tiles.

The Sources pane includes a toolbar at the top to allow you to configure how you want to view your source tiles:

  • – Filter
  • – Tile (icon) view
  • – Detailed view


Use the Filter button in the toolbar to make the number of tiles more manageable by changing the selections on the dropdown menu to display only the selected source types or status.

Clicking the Tile (icon) view and Detailed view icons switches the display of the source tiles. See the information in the following tabs for the description of each view:

Tile View


Tile view, each source tile consists of a thumbnail preview and various status and control items.

  • Stream Status: Colored bar indicates the current status of the stream. If the stream is currently Live, a Live status box appears under the bar.




    Running (but not Live)

    Starting Live

    Live with Warning

  • Input Video Source (Makito only): Shows the assigned video source for the stream.
  • Video Encoder Core (Makito only): Indicates the assigned video encoder core for the stream.
  • Start/Top Stream buttons: Buttons to start/stop the Live stream.
  • Expand Stream Details button: Expands the tile to show detailed information about the source, including bitrate graphs, options to change the latency and change the maximum bitrate, and modem status (field units only). See Viewing Source Status for more details.
  • Stream Name and Bitrate: Shows the name of the stream and the current received bitrate.
  • Input Audio Source (Makito only): Shows the assigned audio source for the stream.
  • Volume Meters: Indicates the current left/right channel volume. Only appears when the stream is Live.
  • More Options: Button to show more options for the source, allowing you to access the source web interface 
    or go directly to the source appliance in the Appliances menu 
Detailed View


Detailed view, more information appears, including:

  • Elapsed time of the source being Live, if applicable.
  • More detailed view of volume meters
  • Latency and Capped Bitrate settings, shown as text boxes for Makito appliances or as sliders for field units.
  • Bitrate graph illustrating the bitrate from the past 5 minutes.

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