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Routes Pane

The Routes pane of the Master Control screen displays the available receivers and associated route tiles.


Status Filter button allows you to make the number of tiles more manageable by changing the selections on the dropdown menu to display only the selected route status.

The Receivers Dropdown allows you to select which receivers are shown in the routes pane. The number identifies how many receivers that are currently displayed. For example, "1/4 Receivers" indicates one of the four connected receivers is displayed.

The SteamHub Toolbar is the left vertical bar and its associated route tiles appear to the right.

  • The SteamHub toolbar provides the StreamHub name and quick stats on processor, memory, and disk usage.
  • Clicking the 
    icon opens another browser tab to directly access the StreamHub web interface.
  • Clicking the 
     icon takes you to the StreamHub device on the Appliances page.

Route Tiles are assigned to the inputs of the receivers. The Route tiles consist of a thumbnail preview (if Live) and a variety of controls and status information.

  • Route Status: Colored bar indicates the current status of the route. If the route is currently Live, a Live status box appears under the bar.
  • Source Icon and Name: Shows the type of source, the input number (Makito only), and the source name. When route is disabled, clicking the source names opens a dropdown to select the route source.
  • Route Name
  • Talkback Enable button: Enables or disables talkback for the route, if applicable.
  • Start/Stop Record button: (StreamHub only) Click the
    button to start recording the source. Click the
    button to stop the record.
  • Route Enable button: Click the
    button to disable the route. Click the
    button to enable the route.
  • Expand Route Details button: To view the StreamHub route details, click the
    Expand button on the desired tile. The view expands to display the route/nodes map.

    Use the display controls to + zoom in, zoom out, and
    center on the map. Click
    Edit to edit the route (see Editing a Route) or
    Collapse to return to the tile view.

  • More Options: Click the
    button to show more options for the route, allowing you to rename and edit the selected route.

See Using Master Control for more details.

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