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Features and Benefits

Hub 360 includes a range of intuitive cloud-based features accessible from its intuitive browser-based user interface (UI):

Remotely control and configure field units and receivers including mobile transmitters, video encoders, mobile apps, and receivers from the production facility using a single browser-based user interface so that your on-site camera crews and remote talents can focus on capturing great live content, instead of worrying about configuring device parameters.

Manage all outputs and destinations with visual preview thumbnail images and real-time statistics for troubleshooting network issues within a master control grid view. Route live feeds to SDI, NDI, ST 2110, SST, SRT, and other IP outputs providing maximum flexibility for any workflow.

Drag and drop video routing of live video over mobile and IP networks. Eliminate the guesswork and errors for field reporters and camera operators by pre-defining routes for live video streaming and file forwarding.

Organize devices and users into groups dedicated to specific live broadcast productions. Apply different roles and privileges on a permanent or temporary basis ensuring that only appropriate content is included in a broadcast event.

Instantly scale workflows by spinning up receiver cloud instances when additional capacity is needed for occasional use situations and
unplanned events.

Centralized Device ManagementMonitor the real-time status of all your transmitters, encoders, mobile apps, and receivers from a single browser window.
Remote Device ConfigurationSet remote field units to the correct configurations including video resolutions, streaming bitrates, and choice of codec.
Remote Device ControlStart and stop a live video stream and provide IFB and return feeds to remote talent and camera operators.
Manage DestinationsConfigure and monitor all your receivers using an intuitive UI for SDI, IP, and cloud workflows.
Stream SettingsSet receiver inputs and outputs for SST, SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP/RTP, HLS, TS/IP, SDI, NDI, and ST 2110.
Video RoutingEasily create live streaming routes between video contribution sources and output destinations.
Dynamic Cloud ReceiversFast and easy spin-up of StreamHub receivers in the cloud for additional and temporary encoding and transmission capacity.
Content MonitoringUtilize the grid view with visual thumbnails of all sources and destinations for monitoring within master control room environments.
Organize ProjectsGroup devices for specific live broadcast workflows. Assign user permissions on a permanent or temporary basis.

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