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Creating a Route


Before you create a route, ensure the following:   

  • All field units that you are using as sources have Hub 360 as a destination profile. 
  • The StreamHub used for the route is registered in the Hub 360 fleet.
  • All nodes (encoders and IP output profiles) have been previously defined on the StreamHub application, else they do not appear in Hub 360. You can refer to the Configuring Encoder Profiles and Configuring IP Output Profiles topics in the StreamHub User Guide.

To create a route:

  1. Click Master Control on the sidebar.
  2. In the Routes pane, click the Receivers
    dropdown menu to select the receiver you want to use for the new route.
  3. To use a source for the route, you can either:
    • Drag and drop the source tile from the Sources pane to the Routes pane.
    • Select a source from the drop-down list on a route tile.
  4. After you have added your source, it's time to add the encodes and outputs. You can either:
    • Click the
      Options icon in the top right corner of the desired receiver tile and select the
      Edit icon.
    • Click the
      Expand icon the desired receiver tile. After the detailed tile view appears, click the
      Edit icon.
  5. In the
    Settings panel, edit the Route Name as needed.
  6. On the sidebar, click the
    Nodes tab.
  7. On the Nodes tab, drag and drop the desired nodes onto the route map and make the desired connections between the tile nodes. See Working with Routes for how to accomplish these tasks.
  8. When finished designing your route, click the Save button. 
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