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Creating a Pairing Code

To create a pairing code:

  1. Access the Pairing Code screen by clicking Appliances > Pairing Codes in the sidebar.
    The Pairing Code screen appears:
  2. Click the Create Code button.
  3. In the Create Pairing Code dialog box, enter the required information:
    1. Enter a Name for the pairing code.
    2. Select whether the code is multiple or single use.
      • Multiple use code can be used to pair more than one appliance.
      • Single use code can only be used once.
    3. Optionally, assign the code to a group using the Group dropdown. See Managing Groups for more details.
    4. Optionally, select an expiration date and time.
  4. Click the Create Code button.

The new pairing code is added to the list in the Pairing Codes screen. From there you can copy the code for use for pairing with your field units.

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