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Appliances Screen

The Appliances screen allows you to manage and control your connected Haivision devices (encoders, decoders, transmitters, and receivers).

Filtering the Appliance List

To help manage a long list of appliances, there are a variety of options for filtering the list:

  • The tabs along the top of the screen allow you to view only the sources, receivers, and cloud appliances in the appliance list.
  • The appliance status buttons (streaming, online, alert, or inactive) can be used to filter the appliance list.
  • Clicking the
    button opens a text box to filter the list by the appliance name.
  • The Display dropdown allows you to filter the list by the appliance type.
  • The Sort dropdown allows you to sort the list by appliance name, type, or status. The sort order can also be defined.
  • Each paired appliance is shown in the list. See Viewing and Editing Appliance Details for details about what information appears for the appliances.

See Managing Your Appliances for more details of using this screen.

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