Creating a Process Hublet

Last updated on May 10, 2021

Process Hublets receive content from an Input Hublet, make transformations to the content (such as transcoding, titling or ad insertion), and then deliver it to one or more Output Hublets. 

Your Subscription Admins can create process hublet presets to streamline creation. Work with them to ensure that you have the hublet preset type that you need.


If you want to add an input hublet to an existing route, see Adding a Hublet to an Existing Route.

To create a process hublet:

  1. In the Hublet view, click the + button  next to the Process Hublets.
  2. When the Process Hublet panel  opens, select the hublet type you want to use to transform the content (e.g., transcoding, titling, inserting ads, etc).

  3. Next, provide the hublet specifics  as prompted. 
  4. When finished, click Create