Adding a Hublet to an Existing Route

Last updated on Oct 09, 2020

To add a hublet to your route:

  1. Click the Routes tab. If the tab is not visible in the title bar, you can enlarge the browser's screen width or click the  menu and select the Routes option.
  2. In the listing, locate the route where you want to add a Hublet and click the route's name.
  3. When the Hublet view  opens, click the Edit Route button  in the status bar.

  4. Click the + button next  to the type of hublet you want to add.

  5. When the panel opens, select the Hublet type  such as LIVE contribution encoders or streaming servers.

  6. Once your selected hublet type panel appears, provide the specifics . Mandatory fields are indicated with asterisks.


    You may need to scroll the panel to view all the fields. 

  7. When finished, click the Create button

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