Pairing a Device

Last updated on May 10, 2021

Any Makito X/X4 encoder can be used as an edge device with Haivision Hub, provided its version is up-to-date (v2.5 for Makito X and v1.2 for Makito X4), has remote management (EMS) enabled, and is on a network that is discoverable by Haivision Hub.

To pair a device:

  1. Click the Edge Devices tab. If the tab is not visible in the title bar, you can enlarge the browser's screen width or click the  menu and select the Routes option.
  2. Click the Pair an Edge Device button .

  3. A window appears displaying a pairing code that must be entered on the edge device. 

    If you have access to the edge device from the same computer being used to administer Haivision Hub, click Copy to Clipboard. Alternatively, click the Send by email or Send by SMS to send the pairing code to the edge device administrator.

  4. ON THE EDGE DEVICE: Log in as an administrator, and then navigate to the Admin > Services > Haivision EMS page, where you can paste the pairing code into the Passcode field:

    The EMS Address and EMS Port number fields are auto-populated based on the pairing code.

    NOTE: "EMS" is a reference to Haivision's Element Management System, which is the technology behind the pairing feature.

  5. Click Pair. The Connection Status will change from Unpaired to Pairing. After a few moments, it will change again to Connected.

  6. ON HAIVISION HUB: Refresh the Edge Devices page. The newly paired device will appear in the list.

    NOTE: The device name is the hostname that was configured on the device itself. If you need to rename a device after it has been paired, see Troubleshooting for a workaround.

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Duplicate Paired Device Names?

Currently, devices cannot be renamed from the Hub, nor are changes in the device's name after pairing reflected. Consequently, it is possible for multiple devices to be paired with the same name.

See Troubleshooting for a workaround.