Activating a Haivision Hub Subscription

Last updated on May 10, 2021


Only the Subscription Owner can perform this procedure.  

When the account is provisioned, a Claim Code is sent to the subscription Owner by email. Typically, this email should arrive the same or next day. If, as the owner of the subscription, you have not received notification, check your junk/spam folder. If you still have not received the email with the Claim Code, please contact us for assistance. 

To perform this task, you need:

  • Access to the single sign-on (SSO) credentials for the account designated as the Subscription Owner. This is the email to which we sent the Subscription Claim Code.
  • A Subscription Claim Code or activation code (received via email when your account is provisioned).
  • A name for your Subscription. We recommend you name the Subscription something short and descriptive of how your team will be using this service. For Example "Transmission Ops," or "Events Team."

Once you have received your Claim Code, perform the following to activate the subscription:

  1. Visit the Haivision Hub site.
  2. Select your preferred single sign-on (SSO) provider .


    Haivision Hub supports single sign-on (SSO) authentication from multiple identity providers—currently Microsoft Azure AD/O365 (corporate), Microsoft individual (,, and Google (corporate or individual). This allows users to sign-in securely to Haivision Hub using their organizations' standard authentication methods, without needing to maintain separate credentials for Hub.

    Typically, your SSO credentials will be your corporate email address and the password you use to access your email. However, there may be some cases where you may have been invited to Hub using a different address from your normal email. Please contact your IT administrator if you are unsure of the authentication method to use.

  3. Next, you are redirected to your SSO provider to authenticate. Provide the credentials that you normally use to sign-in to the email where you received the Claim Code. This is usually your corporate SSO account.

  4. After authenticating, you are redirected to the account claiming page. Enter the Claim Code  (if not already filled) and Subscription name that you would like to use. 


    The Subscription name is at the user's discretion.

  5. Click CONTINUE.



Once submitted, the Haivision Hub dashboard appears along with notification of any pending entitlements that are still being provisioned. For instance the creation of additional Azure resources and the activation of special features. When provisioning is complete a notification will appear on the screen to indicate this.


Be sure to refresh the page in order to see the changes applied.

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