Working with Billing

Last updated on May 10, 2021

The Billing dashboard provides you with a useful visualization of your Hub subscription's consumption and usage.

  • The top half of the pane summarizes the total hourly usage of the subscription and a chart displaying the hourly usage for each date of the billing cycle, organized by bandwidth tiers.
  • The bottom half of the pane contains a detailed usage breakdown by Zones and Tiers.


The following definitions are useful for understanding usage data:

  • Regions: Geographical areas that cloud hosting providers use to house computing infrastructure.
  • Zones: Larger geographical groupings of Regions used for purposes of billing for data transfer between regions.
  • Tiers: A level or grouping of similar items to organize them. For example, bandwidth tiers, billing rate tiers, etc.

Viewing the Billing Dashboard

To view the Billing Dashboard:

  1. Click Admin Area tab
  2. Select the desired Subscription.
  3. From the Admin Area section tabs, click the Billing tab.

Filtering Data to Change Chart Visualization

To filter data and dynamically change the chart visualization: 

  1. Choose from the following options:
    • Click the Billing cycle drop-down  to select the cycle you wish to view.
    • Click the Hublet type drop-down  to view usage for All or Regular hublets.
    • Chart type  allows you to view Daily or Accumulated usage totals.
    • Use Filter by bandwidth tiers  to display usage data for the selected tier(s) only:
      • Idle – 0 Mb/s; ON but no streams.
      • Low – Up to 4 Mb/s streams.
      • Standard – Up to 12 Mb/s streams.
      • High – Up to 25 Mb/s streams.
      • Ultra – Greater than 25 Mb/s streams.
  2. If desired, click the Download CSV button  to generate a file containing consumption data for the selected billing period.

Hub Billing Dashboard