DNS, IP Addresses, and Ports

Last updated on Jul 27, 2021

Haivision Hub assigns IP addresses and UDP ports dynamically from a regional pool of available resources. 

Consequently, all required connection information from a saved and stopped route is accessible (such as: DNS names, IPs, ports, passphrases). This allows you to pre-configure services and equipment that need to connect with the route prior to the route being started. 

All hublet URLs (no matter the protocol) will include the Haivision domain: routes.hub.haivision.com. 1

For example:


DNS Names

The Domain Name Server (DNS) is hosted in a Haivision-controlled DNS zone: routes.hub.haivision.comThe DNS records for your route components are resolvable after the route completes provisioning. 

IP Address Ranges

Select from the following IP address ranges to build firewall rules that allow outbound access. DNS names are assigned at route creation and registered to IP addresses at route start.

  • For SRT hublets, use an IP within the range listed below (based upon the Haivision Hub region).
  • For RTP/TS/RTP/RTMP/Akamai hublets, no change. The public IP is assigned from the IP ranges of the different Azure regions. Reference the Microsoft article: Azure IP Ranges and Service Tags – Public Cloud.

To view the IP ranges based upon the Haivision Hub regions, choose the appropriate Zone tab below:

North America / European Union

North America
East US52.249.234.176/28
East US 2
Central US20.80.114.64/28
North Central US20.88.14.112/28
South Central US20.88.219.144/28
West US138.91.230.160/28
West US
Canada Central20.200.95.48/28
North Europe
West Europe
France Central20.74.101.112/28
UK South20.90.236.0/28


South Asia
Central India20.204.111.144/28
South India52.140.34.0/28
East and Southeast Asia
East Asia13.75.50.32/28
Southeast Asia104.43.50.112/28
Korea Central52.141.44.64/28
East Japan20.48.72.48/28
Australia East20.92.177.112/28

Rest of World

South America
Brazil South20.201.30.32/28
Middle East / North Africa
UAE North20.74.163.160/28

UDP Port Assignment

Once the Hub route is stopped, the hublets retain the assigned UDP ports for pre-defined period of time. The expiration timer is reset each time a route is started/stopped.Use the following range of UDP ports for Input and Output components. UDP ports are assigned to components at route creation. Routes will retain the UDP port initially assigned – even after the route is stopped.

  • SRT hublets – UDP ports on each node range from 30000 to 32767.
  • RTP/TS/RTP/RTMP hublets – No change; UDP ports are user-configurable.


  1. Before the recent switch to routes.hub.haivision.com, hublet URLs included cloudapp.azure.com