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Understanding Roles

Haivision Hub uses role-based access control to help you manage who has permission to what actions on which resources. A role consists of a group of actions that a user can perform on a resource. The types of roles that can be assigned are:

  • Admin – Assignable role by Owners and Administrators. Admins can assign roles to different users within a subscription.
  • Operator – Assignable role by Owners and Administrators. Operators are able to manage all routes and devices within the subscription.
  • Viewer – Assignable role by Owners and Administrators. Users are able to use all devices and manage all their own routes only.

Subscription Built-In Roles and Actions 

Action Role
Get Route(tick)(tick)(tick)
Create Route(tick)(tick)
Update Route(tick)(tick)
Delete Route(tick)(tick)
Pair Device(tick)(tick)
Unpair Device(tick)(tick)
Update Device(tick)(tick)
Get Device(tick)(tick)(tick)
Get Subscription(tick)

Add Member(tick)

Delete Member(tick)

Disable Member(tick)

Get Member(tick)

Manage Billing(tick)

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