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Release Notes 2.7

Haivision Hub Release 2.7 Update

Component Versions

  • HUB: 2.7
  • HUB API: 2.7

This latest release to Haivision Hub upgrades some of our core infrastructure components and removes cloud region redundancies to enable further upcoming enhancements. Also adds configurable DVR playlist closure logic to the Akamai Hublet, provides useful Preset Creator tooltips, expands the Appliances SRT-GW routes list configuration view. and includes various performance improvements for page loads and better management of numerous appliances. 

What's New

  • HUB Regions Update – the following 11 cloud regions are being disabled and will no longer be available for selection when changing or creating a new route:

    • Central US
    • West US 2
    • Canada Central
    • Brazil South
    • France Central
    • UK South
    • East Asia
    • Southeast Asia
    • West Japan
    • Australia East
    • South Africa North
  • Akamai Hublet – allows playlist closure logic in DVR output to be configurable.

  • Admin Area

    • Added help tooltips for preset parameters in Preset Creator.

    • Removed redundant "routes created" data from Members list in Admin area to speed up page loading time.

  • Appliances

    • Expanded configuration view for SRT-GW routes list.

    • UI performance improvements when managing large numbers of appliances.

  • Bug and vulnerabilities fixing, overall service stabilization and improvements.

Known Limitations

  • Agile outputs are disabled for appliance-to-appliance direct routes.

  • Makito X ENC with FW 2.6.0-2 will make the route fail if the fps set in the Preset are higher than the fps of the source input.

  • The bitrate reported in the HUB UI may not be accurate if the encoder bitrate changes for a running route.

  • RTMP Hublet supports streams with a single audio track only.

  • Makito video preset has no validations for max bitrate.

  • When performing bulk operations on routes, some of the status update messages may be missed. 

  • Opening the same Makito route on multiple browser tabs simultaneously, results in intermittent telemetry being displayed.

  • FEC-specific telemetry is not currently supported.

  • RTMP Hublets in consumer-mode report as connected irrespective of the input signal.

  • RTP output Hublet status does not consider the status of the external connections.

  • Subscription selector for Admins – number of routes is not being updated.

  • Akamai Hublet does not support 4:2:2 8-bit and 10-bit source.

  • Akamai Hublet does not support video from Makito X encoder with Intrafresh enabled.

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