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Release Notes 2.0.0

Haivision Hub Release 2.0.0 Update

Component Versions

  • Hub: 2.0.0
  • Hub API: 2.0.0

In this update to Haivision Hub, we are switching to modern Hai UI Design paradigm we got to love and appreciate in other Haivision products. We are also bringing enhanced route statistics monitoring along with improved and much more user-friendly alerting.

What's New

  • User Interface Refresh – users familiar with other Haivision products will now find a familiar modern UI design across the Hub, making it more efficient and intuitive to operate
  • Route statistics and monitoring – enhanced route management with the addition of thumbnail preview, telemetry graphs and statistics.
  • Support for Makito DECODER X/X4 added.
  • Chat session with tech support is preserved if user navigates between apps.
  • Alert improvements – with additional validation logic, modal and alerts added for routes with appliances for enhanced usability.

Known Limitations

  • Occasionally, the hublet DNS/URL is not displayed in the UI.
  • Only a single input Hublet per route is allowed.
  • Makito X ENC with FW 2.6.0-2 will make route fail if the fps set in the Preset are higher than the fps of the source input.
  • The bitrate reported in the hub UI may not be accurate if encoder bitrate changes for a running route.
  • RTMP hublet supports streams with a single audio track only.
  • Makito video preset has no validations for max bitrate.
  • When performing bulk operations on routes, some of the status update messages may be missed. 
  • Opening the same makito route on multiple browser tabs simultaneously makes telemetry being displayed intermittently.
  • Notifications are sent to every user in the active Hub subscription only.
  • FEC specific telemetry is not supported.
  • RTMP Hublets in consumer mode reports connected irrespective of the input signal.
  • RTP output Hublet status does not consider the status of the external connections.
  • Instant bitrate displayed in the topology view is not accurate for internal connections.
  • Connection state for internal connections is not correctly update when there is no input signal.
  • Subscription selector for admins - num of routes is not updated.
  • Akamai Hublet does not support 4:2:2 8 and 10bit source.
  • Akamai Hublet does not support video from Makito X encoder with Intrafresh enabled.

API Release: 2.0.0

What’s New

  • New endpoints:
    • POST organizations/{organizationId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/hublets/routes/delete
    • POST organizations/{organizationId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/notifications/mark-as-read
    • POST organizations/{organizationId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/notifications/delete
    • DELETE organizations/{organizationId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/hublet-definitions/{hubletDefinitionId}
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