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Release Notes 1.10.127

Component Versions

  • Hub: 1.10.127

  • Hub API: 1.0.54

  • Admin App: 1.0.7

This latest release to Haivision Hub implemented additional route provisioning alerts and numerous backend improvements to optimize performance.

Known Limitations

  • Makito video preset has no validations for max bitrate. This means that customers must ensure not to configure a bitrate value that is unsupported by their hardware.
  • When performing bulk operations on routes, some of the status update messages may be missed. 
  • RTT presets can be deleted only if not in use.
  • Makito preset creator: Intra-Refresh with I-frame GOP is available, but not a valid configuration for Makito X/X4 devices. Configuring this combination will cause the route to fail to provision.
  • Makito preset creator: there is no validation to prevent other profiles than "Main" to be selected with HEVC.
  • Opening the same route with a Makito Hublet on multiple browser tabs simultaneously makes the telemetry being displayed intermittent.
  • Bulk actions on notifications have been disabled due to an issue that has been detected. These will be re-enabled in an upcoming release.
  • Notifications are sent to every user in the active Hub subscription only.
  • RTP FEC-specific telemetry is not supported.
  • RTMP hublets in consumer mode reports connected irrespective of the input signal.
  • RTP status is not correctly updated to reflect streaming status.
  • TS over UDP Hublets report status connected irrespective of the input signal.
  • Instant bitrate displayed in the topology view is not accurate for internal connections.

  • Connection state for internal connections is not correctly updated when there is no input signal.
  • SRT output Hublet connection state does not return to connecting when there is no input signal.
  • Subscription selector for admins – number of routes is not updated.

API Release:

  • No user-facing changes.
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